Briley's Two-tti Frutti Party!

Jun 19, 2017

I've been on blogging hiatus for quite some time... you guys, life is so darn busy! I keep meaning to write and then get distracted, and by the time I have time I can't even remember what I was going to write about. I feel like now is a good time to come back.  
I couldn't NOT write a post about my sweet little girl turning 2! Yes... you read that right. Briley, my sweet little baby who was just born is already a two year old! 
Her actual birthday was on Thursday, and it was a day full of fun and excitement. We started the day with a special cake made of pancakes.  The pink sprinkles were the highlight of the morning for both her and Aaralee.  


Next on the agenda was a trip to our favourite indoor playground, where we met up with some friends for a couple hours of fun and snacks. By the time that we were ready to go, Briley had snuggled up on the floor with her blanket, exhausted from going down the slide approximately 300 times.  

Daddy came home from work at lunch to spend the rest of the day with the birthday girl.  She requested to go on the swings, so it was off to the park. We stopped and picked up Happy Meals, and it was the picnic of her dreams.  

Next up was a trip to the mall.  West Edmonton Mall has so many fun (and free!) things for kids to do. We played with trains at Chapters, ran up and down bridges and ramps, tested out the trampoline display, and spent awhile colouring and dancing in the Disney store. We also met up with Briley's birthday twin, Auntie Jacque! 
 Dinner was consumed on our dusty driveway, because the girls love picnics. We ate mac and cheese at a makeshift table (an empty diaper box) and it was hilariously unclassy, but the girls loved it and that is all that counts.  
Saturday was the day of the big party! I always try to plan parties based around the girl's interests, but Briley is 2 and she is primarily interested in whatever her big sister likes.  She does, however, LOVE fruit. Watermelon in particular, but she's never met a fruit that she didn't like.  It was an easy decision: We'd have a Two-tti Frutti birthday party! 

We bought a produce department's worth of fruit and set to decoration for the big event.  We had treats galore, and plenty of fresh fruit for our guests to enjoy.  
The birthday girl wore her watermelon tutu. Within minutes she was sticky and covered in watermelon juice, overjoyed at the abundance of her favourite foods. 

The cake was a collabrative effort.  What I love about my husband is the fact that I can say "I bought green melting chocolate and I need you to make it into a pineapple top...." and without hesitation he creates a masterpiece. I baked and decorated the rest of the cake, and the guests and birthday girl all seemed to approve!  4 layers of cake, and only 2 slices were leftover!

Briley was spoilt with so many thoughtful gifts that she absolutely loves.  She insisted on trying everything out as soon as she opened it... including every single article of clothing.  By the end she was wearing several layers, including shirts worn as shorts. 

As the party died down, our guests left with MORE sugar and our birthday girl was extra sleepy after her big, busy day.  

We finished off the sangria and meatballs, and patted ourselves on the back for surviving yet another toddler birthday party. 

I can't believe that my sweet, smart, hilarious little lady is already 2 years old. She lights up each and every single day with her big smile and cheeky sense of humour.  I can't imagine this family without our blonde baby girl.  Happy birthday, my baby. I love you more than you'll ever know. 


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