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Mar 11, 2009

I think that I'm addicted to the internet.
It all started when I was 12 years old. I signed up for Geocities and made my very first website. I wrote about my life as a grade 6 student, how much my brother's annoyed me, how I couldn't wait to be 13... stuff that had absolutely no importance whatsoever yet I still felt the need to share with the online world.
A friend of mine convinced me to sign up for "Twitter" today and I got to thinking about how many internet communities I'm a part of... I keep in touch with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and Nexopia. I have countless blogs, because for some reason I feel the need to share my thoughts with people I've never met. I share my photos on Flickr and my videos on Youtube. I edit my photos on Picnik. I talk travel on Lonely Planet, Get Jealous, Hostel World, and Couch Surfing. I send email through Hotmail. I could probably go on. I can only imagine how many websites have my name and email address. I spend probably half of my unemployed life in front of the computer, as sad as that may be. When I wake up, I check Facebook, Flickr, Hotmail before I do anything else. I'm online so often that nothing changes. I'm constantly refreshing pages in hopes that somebody has posted new photos or updated their status, or on a lucky day...sent me a message! I'm addicted. I can admit to that.
The internet is where my friends live. I need it in my life, on a constant basis.
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