The (Un)Friendly Folks at the Gym

Mar 11, 2009

Sometimes, people just aren't very nice. Take today, for example, while I was at the gym.
I go to the gym on a near daily basis. I'm 115 lbs and therefore I'm really not there with the purpose of weight loss. I just like the way I feel after a good workout, and I believe that it's a good habit to be in for when that day comes and my metabolism comes to a halt. Since being unemployed, the time that I'd normally spend in the office has been replaced by cardio.
Anyways, back to my original point. So today, I'm at the gym just walking the track, listening to my music, doing my thing, and I pass by two ladies in their mid 30's. They are both on the heavier side, but props to them for coming to the gym and trying to get in shape. Then, clearly making sure I can hear her, one of them says to her friend "Stupid girls that come to the gym just to meet guys!". Now I'm the conflict avoiding type, but I would have loved to have turned around and gave her a piece of my mind. Is that honestly neccessary, do you feel better about yourself by trying to bring others down? Trust me lady, if I was on a mission to meet guys, I'd find some place better than the community center gym. Sweaty old men, oh baby, oh baby.
Granted, I have seen some girls that do clearly dress to impress at the gym, with their tight Lululemon pants, hoops earring and full makeup. Well, to each her own, but I'm not one of them. I go to the gym in baggy sweats and an oversized t-shirt, no makeup, and a mess of hair. 50% of the time I've literally JUST woken up and go to the gym before I do anything with my day. So I'm little, does that mean I'm not as entitled as anybody else to use the gym? How does she know that I didn't used to be 300 lbs and that a good workout routine was how I shed the weight? Now I don't normally wish bad things upon people, but I secretly hope that she has a slow metabolism and has to work EXTRA hard to see results at the gym. That will show her!


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