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Jun 3, 2009

I hate to be one of those girls who gets all excited and blogs about the new boy in her life, because honestly, who likes to read that crap? That said, after 3 years as a single lady, I think I have the right to at least be a teensy bit giddy. It's not like I force you to read it.
I met said boy about 2 1/2 years ago. Since then we've became quite close friends. That was all fine and dandy for quite awhile, but somehow in the past few months we've marched right across that line that separates "Just friends" from "Something more". This led to many arguments, confusing conversations... we even wrote lists stating the reasons we should never date. Sometimes, you don't have a choice in the matter. Occasionally, you have to ignore what your head tells you and listen to your heart... a difficult task for both of us. With a bit of hesitation and a lot of excitment, we've jumped off the deep end and are praying that we stay afloat. I see fun times in the near future.
Sorry gentlemen (please don't stop reading my blog as a result!)... but I'm off the market.


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