Another Year Over.

Dec 30, 2009

Another year has gone by!! Seriously, where has the time gone? The past 12 months have flown by. 2010?! Really? I just got used to 2009.
What a year it was. Initially I was upset to see the end of 2008. I'd spent the majority of the year living as a backpacker, travelling through beautiful places like Australia and Fiji. I recall saying "This was the best year of my life, so next year will be a letdown in comparison". Not very optimistic thinking, but fortunately I was incorrect in my assumption. This year was amazing, and I think it's safe to say it surpassed 2008 as the best year of my life, so far.
I was no longer a backpacked, but I still traveled. I went to Mexico, Las Vegas, Ontario twice, and Vancouver 3 times, not to mention countless trips to the Rocky Mountains and a weekend in Radium, B.C. Oh, and then there was Dubai, but we'll get to that part in a minute.
I started dating the greatest guy in the entire world, and found myself falling in love. That in itself makes everything in life a little bit better.
I discovered that I actually have hobbies. I never missed a karaoke night, and I started a photo project called Project 365. I took a photo every single day of the year, and invested in my very own DSLR camera, which I love nearly as much as I love chocolate. Oh, right... I gave up chocolate for 46 days in total during Lent. I suffered the entire time, but once I was able to eat it again it had never tasted better.
After a few years of chasing my dreams, I actually achieved them this year. I've always dreamt of being a flight attendant... I didn't even care what airline, I just wanted to fly. By some stretch of incredible luck, I landed a job with Emirates Airline... one of the best airlines in the world (and that's not even a biased opinion, Google agrees). Not only am I training to be a flight attendant, but I'm working for a major international airline. Every time I go to work, I'll be flying to another country. One of the mottos that I've seen on Emirates Vacation buses is "Dreaming big, achieving bigger". That's exactly how I feel about this entire situation.
I moved to Dubai, where much to my satisfaction... there is no winter. I'm surrounded by palm trees and the sun radiates down every single day. There are beautiful beaches with clear blue water. The biggest shopping mall and tallest building in the world are a nice added bonus.
Like I said earlier... what a year.
I realized this year how important every single one of my friends and family members are to me. Without them, this year would not have been nearly as amazing. Even though my dream led me to the other side of the world, my mom and Ryan still came with me to Vancouver to support me during the interview process. Each and every one of my friends was happy for me and they threw a great surprise going away party. I couldn't ask for better people in my life. I'm the luckiest girl in the whole entire world!
So, as 2009 draws to an end, I'm looking forward to 2010 and all that it will bring... Paris? Tokyo? New York? Maybe, probably. In 2010 I'll be able to see Ryan, somewhere in this great big world, and come home to visit my friends and family. It's going to be another great year, I can sense it. Life is truly amazing, seize every single moment of every single day.


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