Touring Dubai and Goverment Medicals

Dec 19, 2009

I woke up at 5 am today, yet again. I need to start getting used to these early mornings given my career choice. Today was an easy day, requiring little to no thought. We started with a tour of Dubai, which was a nice introduction to our new city. First off, we were brought to Jumeriah Mosque, where we learnt a bit about the Islamic religion. It was actually pretty interesting, and useful information considering 80% of the population here is Muslim. Before entering the mosque we had to take off our shoes and all of us ladies had to don head scarves, sending us into a frenzy of photo taking and giggling. Not my typical look. After the mosque we did a tour from the bus, much to my frusturation as I always seemed to be on the wrong side for taking photos. It was still a good time though, as we ventured past Jumeriah Beach, the Burj Al Arab (the only 7 star hotel in the world), palaces of the royals, Palm Island, and of course... the Burj Dubai in its giant glory. We headed back to the Emirates Training College for a quick lunch break before the event that I'd been dreading... Goverment medicals. Every single person who moves to Dubai is required to take a blood test and an X-ray, despite having done both back in Canada. As you may have read in a previous blog... I do not cope with needles. I was stressing about the situation as we hopped onto the bus and drove out into what seemed the middle of nowhere to the medical clinic. Beyond the tall, fancy buildings that seem to define Dubai are the dingy outskirts that you don't hear about when you are in other countries. In the middle of a rundown labour camp is the Dubai Goverment Medical Clinic. Fortunately, it wasn't as dirty as the building surounding it, but it still didn't do much to calm my nerves. We sat for what felt like forever before our numbers were called, and 10 at a time we filed into a small, hot room. We were arranged into two single file line ups, divided male and female. At the front of the room was a nurse and a chair. At this point I was extremely dizzy, with the realization that not only was I unable to lie down, but that I'd have to get my blood taken in front of everyone in the room. I was not impressed with the situation. Before I knew it, it was my turn. "I'm really afraid of needles", I informed the nurse before I sat down. I closed my eyes and tried to think of happy thoughts... like chocolate bars and cuddling Ryan. I felt a tiny prick, and that was it. 5 seconds, at the most, which was far less than the last time I had to have blood taken. I got up to walk to the X-ray area, but halfway there everything went dark. Realizing that I was going to fall to the ground within seconds, I reached for the chair beside me and sat for a few minutes. All of the girls in training are so sweet. Cam from Thailand rushed to get me a bottle of mango juice which I downed in a matter of seconds. I managed to stand up and walk to the other side of the room, but while waiting in line I was overcome with dizziness and had to sit down, once again. I'm told that the color in my face didn't start to return for at least 20 minutes. I felt so embarrased, especially considering it was really not a big deal at all. It was chaotic and disorganized at the clinic, and took well over an hour before we were called into the X-ray room for a chest X-ray. That part was easy, and we were done for the day! Phew, I had survived! I've had about enough of needles and medicals, but unfortunately I've still got one more medical day to go next week. For any other job, I'd refuse even one blood test, but this is Emirates, this is a dream come true. But geez, why must they be such vampires?


Tleppihs Nayr said...

not as bad as me... a guy.... going unconscious in front of a bunch of my co workers after a pin prick in my finger :P

Jill said...

Awesome Krysta!!! You can do it!!!

Unknown said...

You are a scardy cat just like your Grandma. Proud of you

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