My First Ever Roster!!!

Jan 25, 2010

This afternoon I was miserable as I sulked in my apartment missing Ryan. I had little motivation to do anything. Dragging myself to college took a lot of effort and a bit of coffee.
I managed to make it through the evening and it wasn't so bad once I'd arrived. School is always so overwhelming that it tends to distract me from thinking about my personal life, which is sometimes exactly what I need. I practiced serving passengers drinks and meals, reliving my waitressing days. There is a lot to know and a ton of steps, but I think with practice and repetition it will be simple.
At midnight I arrived home to my dark apartment, once again hit by a wave of homesickness. Coming home isn't the same without having somebody to hug as soon as I walk in. I grabbed my laptop and headed to the living room. Ryan is still in transit so I knew that I wouldn't have any emails from him just yet. Just before heading to bed I checked my Emirates email account, and to my extreme happiness, my very first roster had been published!! As I ran through the destinations I was overcome with excitement. In February I fly to Istanbul, Khartoum, and have layovers in Brisbane, Auckland, and Jakarta. AHHH! Really?! I get to go to all of those places?! The highlight of my month is without a doubt Brisbane/Auckland. Despite having already been to Australia and spending 3 months living in Brisbane, I'd secretly been hoping for a flight there. It will be nice to be some place familiar and hopefully catch up with some old friends and a few family members! As for Auckland.... New Zealand! What more can I say? I've always wanted to visit but I ran out of time and money while I was on that side of the world.
This is all so crazy, so surreal... so amazing. I'm 5 days from finishing training and less than 2 weeks from flying!


whiteshellii said...

Perfect I would say!

I have written before and just want to remind you that I am Irene little sister, Lue.

Love your blog. Can you tell me if it was easy to use this template that you are using? Lue

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Krysta! I'm so excited for you that you are so close to being a full fledged flight attendant and you can fly soon! Good luck lady!

Anonymous said...

Hey Krysta, hope ur doing fine.
I haven't been much around ur blog, been busy flying and i believe u can access the portal by now and check the flights. Anyway just wanted to leave you this link:

(If you haven't seen it yet)
and i might participate as well, wish you goodluck.

Your CC (Cabin Crew) friend. 381459

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