Cabin Crew, Prepare for Departure!

Feb 1, 2010

Once again, I'm amazed at how fast time seems to go by these days. As a little girl I remember waiting 3 days until my birthday... it seemed like an eternity. But today, as I celebrate successfully completing my cabin crew training, I wonder where the last 7 weeks have gone. Sure, there were the 12 hour days that seemed as though they'd never end, but as a whole, training seemed to go by remarkably fast.
Tonight we finished our final practical examination, and then met up with the other batches in a large classroom where we met the Cabin Crew Training Manager, as well as our own Cabin Crew Managers. Although our formal graduation ceremony won't be held until June, tonight was still very exciting as one by one we walked up to the front of the class to be handed an envelope while our classmates applauded. Inside the envelope we found our flying licenses, medical licenses, and most importantly... our FACE (Flight Attendants Club of Emirates) cards, which entitle us to a wide range of discounts throughout Dubai. Afterwards, we celebrated with sparkling grape juice in lieu of champagne, and chocolate cake that was to die for. We excitedly made our way around the room congratulating each other as we compared rosters.
No more homework, no more exams, and no more training college!
It's an amazing feeling, and I'm looking forward to my supernumery flight to Islamabad on Wednesday!
Growing up, we are told to "reach for the sky". Perhaps I took it a bit more literally than most, but I've finally made it... I'll soon be spending a great amount of time in the sky!

In other news, today is a special day for my boyfriend Ryan and I, and I wish that he could be here to celebrate with me!
Also, you'll all be so proud of me... this week I completed my mandatory vaccinations. You all know of my fear of needles, so you can imagine my reaction when I was informed that I needed to have 5 vaccinations in only 2 days. I decided to be a grown up, and I tried my best to be brave. Easy peasy. Just a bit of a fever and 2 sore arms, but I survived, and I actually was able to walk through headquarters only minutes after without fear of fainting! That's a big accomplishment for me.


Anonymous said...

We are all so proud of you Krysta!!!Hope you get to meet up with Jay. That would be the best. Happy travels & post lots of pics. You uniform looks mor pink than red. You look very professional & pretty with red lipstick. Love you Love Gramma

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