Cheering on Team Canada in Dubai

Feb 28, 2010

I consider myself to be quite a patriotic person, but my true patriotism shines through when I live overseas. At midnight, Dubai time, I rushed to the cafe downstairs in a desperate attempt to find online live streaming video of the Olympic gold medal hockey game... Canada vs. the United States. I'm not a huge sports fan, but it was this very game 8 years ago that sparked my interest in hockey for the first time. Since then I've chosen an NHL team to cheer for and actually learnt a bit about the rules of the game. After much frustration I finally managed to find a site that worked. It was terrible quality and on my tiny laptop I had to squint to make out who was on what team, but I didn't care. I was not going to miss this game. I was joined by Piriya, who was perhaps a tiny bit more excited than me, as Vancouver is her home. She donned her Olympic mittens despite the desert heat, as I clutched Maple, my stuffed Canadian moose. We cheered proudly and didn't care that everyone in the cafe was staring as Canada scored their first goal. Near the end of the second period, the staff advised us that they were closing. We'd already managed to get an extra 20 minutes out of them. We reluctantly headed outside, where we stayed until the wireless connection was switched off for the evening. Now what?! Irritated and anxious to see the outcome of the game, we found another wireless network and connected. Unfortunately, we were unable to find another site with video that was working, as the site we'd been using was no longer working. Why, oh why must things be so difficult. Canada was winning with a score of 2-1 as we sadly returned to our apartments. Ryan kept me updated as I sat miserably in my living room, cursing Dubai and its lack of Olympic coverage on TV. I had accepted Canada's certain victory and was feeling quite proud when suddenly the USA team scored with only 24 seconds left in the game. Oh no! Overtime! I frantically searched for another way to see the game. I finally managed to find a site, seconds before Canada scored and won the game... and GOLD! What a game! I'm feeling super patriotic and will likely brag to everyone that I talk to tomorrow, despite the fact that the majority of them couldn't care less about hockey, or the Olympics. Way to go, Canada. Vancouver 2010 marks the most Olympic medals won at the games, ever! You make me proud to say that I'm Canadian!


Tleppihs Nayr said...

Im proud of you for being such a good nerd all the way in Dubai!

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