Germany... Part 2

Apr 24, 2010

Ahh, Germany! How I love you and your food! My second German layover of the month took me to Hamburg. I was looking forward to the trip, having heard great things about the city. As far as passengers go, Germans are perhaps the best that a crew member could ask for. They are so polite, undemanding, and generally quite happy people. Despite the fact that some of them had been waiting for nearly a week to get on a flight back to Europe, everyone seemed quite content, and like Moscow, they broke into applause when we landed. As we headed through the airport, I felt envious of the passengers for the first time. Excited parents waited anxiously, while men holding flowers intently scanned the crowd. I can't wait to have my own airport reunions. As usual, all eyes were on us as we walked through the airport. I'll admit it, I absolutely love that part. It may sound a bit conceited, but it just reminds me of myself, watching the crew walk by, dreaming that one day I could be in their shoes. Here I am. Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that this is actually my life. After arriving at our hotel, the crew planned to meet for lunch. I'd stuffed myself full of airplane food and chose to save my precious Euros and go wander the city instead. Sometimes it's nice to just walk around on my own... more time to take photos and go wherever I please. I grabbed a map from the concierge in case I managed to get a little bit too lost in my aimless wandering. I started walking, stopping to pick up a coffee to fuel my awake-since-4 am body. Hamburg is a port city and lays claim to having more bridges than any other city in the world. It seemed that there was a creek on every second street. Spring is in full bloom, with daffodils and tulips adding a burst of color to the city. I walked the busy streets full of shops and cafes and found myself at Rathaus, the Town Hall. I struggled to order a bratwurst sausage from a stand (it felt necessary, being in Germany), despite the employee speaking no English. Most people in Germany speak English, but as luck would have it, I'd picked the one person who didn't. She handed me a sausage and whatever it was, it tasted good. I happily continued walking, coming across a former cathedral turned into a war memorial. A wedding was taking place and I stood and watched as the guest stood on either side of the aisle, each holding a rose. As the couple emerged they threw rice and sang a song. Realizing that I was a bit creepy standing watching people that I didn't know, I continued walking. I ran into a group of guys dressed in pink shirts, wearing Hawaiian leis. It turns out that it was a bachelor party. The groom to be stood embarrassed as his friends attempted to sell me ridiculous useless items to raise funds to pay for a stripper that evening. I politely declined, but wished them good luck and offered my congratulations to the groom. After walking for awhile longer, it dawned on me that I had absolutely no idea how to get back to my hotel. I wasn't concerned, and chose to continue walking rather than consult my map. I found a bakery and stocked up on pastry goodness. My wandering led me to the central train station. Good news, as I knew how to get back to the hotel from there. I browsed a few more stores, picking up a fridge magnet to add to my growing collection. Finally I decided to call it a day and headed back to my hotel room. I woke up early the next morning to a phone call from Ryan. On some layovers he calls my hotel room, as it's often much cheaper than it is to call me in Dubai. Much to my disappointment, European airspace hadn't been closed overnight, and we'd have to return to Dubai that evening. I'll admit, myself and the entire crew had fingers crossed for an extended layover. It was probably for the best, any more food and I might be well on my way to a heart attack. Speaking of food... the buffet breakfast was amazing. Waffles with maple syrup, breads, pastries, and of course... bacon. I met up with a few crew members and we sat at a table overlooking the lake, indulging in plate after plate of goodness. I love Germany.
Back to Dubai we went, on an easy breezy super nice flight. We had a honeymoon couple and I was the crew member chosen to deliver the cake that somebody had pre-ordered for them. I was so excited as I surprised them with a chocolate cake and two glasses of champagne. I'm a sucker for romance and love stories, so I chatted with them for awhile as they told me their romantic honeymoon plans. The rest of the flight was good, happy passengers, happy crew, and the newlyweds shared their cake!
One more German flight in a few days, what a great way to end the month!


Tleppihs Nayr said...

you should come to Canada <3

Krysta said...

That's the plan at the soonest chance I get!

Tleppihs Nayr said...

we want part 3! we want PART 3!!!!!!!

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