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Apr 18, 2010

For lack of better things to do, and in the interest of procrastinating cleaning my room, this is a blog entry about nothing in particular. My mind is never really on topic.

For some reason, cabin crew have a reputation of leading glamorous, exciting lives. While I won't deny that jetting off to places like London and Milan is absolutely amazing and super exciting, the fact is that aside from my job, I'm still just as boring as ever. I'm on day 3 of 4 days off in Dubai. So far the most excitement I've had was going to the same shopping mall that I always end up at to watch yet another movie with Piriya. Aside from spending my days sitting in my room eating everything in sight, I've also managed to make it to the gym, every day. I've been meaning to do so for awhile now, but it was the worst ever attempt at a pickup line from a random creepy man at the cafe downstairs ("You've put on weight!") that finally motivated me to hit the treadmill. I've vowed that sit ups will once again become a part of my daily life.
Air travel throughout Europe has come to a halt this week, the result of a massive cloud of volcanic ash that has made its way from Iceland. I must admit that I'm extremely jealous of some of my friends who are trapped in London, Paris, and Rome, unable to return from their layovers due to air space closures. The not so lucky crew who were meant to have layovers in these destinations found themselves stuck on airport standby, doing annoying turnaround flights instead. Fortunately, it has yet to effect me, as I've been on days off in Dubai anyways. I'm crossing my fingers that my 2 flights to Germany next week will not be cancelled, but the outlook isn't so promising. I knew it! I should have bought more chocolate and berries when I was in Munich last week. Now my supply has run out and there is an all too likely possibility that I won't be able to replenish it this month.
On a less selfish note, I honestly hope that this volcano stuff decides to give it a rest sometime soon. Not just for the people of Iceland, or the airlines who are losing massive amounts of money, or crew who are missing out on layovers, but for everyone who is stuck somewhere in the world just trying to get home, or go on much anticipated vacations. I know how I'd feel if my plans to visit Canada were interrupted. Nobody knows just how long the chaos is going to last... all anyone can do right now is wait!
Next up for me is Moscow. The flights were cancelled a few days ago but have now resumed. Let's hope that doesn't change... I've had quite enough Dubai time and I really want to see the Red Square!
Back on the home front, my little brother is celebrating his 17th birthday today. What the heck! Last time I checked he was a bratty 2 year old, pulling my hair, calling me "Tee-ta". All of a sudden he's all grown up, driving cars and chasing girls. I suppose me being unable to accept the fact that my brothers are getting older is my way of staying young myself. I feel as though I just graduated high school, but here I am turning 24 in just a couple of months. It's true... time flies when you are having fun!
That's about it for news from me. Missing my family, missing my Ryan, craving Tim Hortons. The usual. Hope everything is fine and dandy in your corner of the world!


Traytable said...

I'm still mentally 18 and only just realised the other day that I'm SO not that age anymore! It's kind of scary :S

Fingers crossed for Germany!

Krysta said...

Haha... it is scary!! Adult?! When did this happen??

Thanks, has the crazy volcano stuff affected you at all?

Tleppihs Nayr said...

Time off = More Ryan Time!

Traytable said...

You'd think so, but no.

Sitting on my butt on standby for the last few days, and doesn't the scale say so!! Eating FAR too much chocolate & general junk!

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