Day 41.

Apr 18, 2011

As most of you are aware, I've given up chocolate for Lent. If you aren't already aware, you must be living on the moon... because I haven't stopped talking about my withdrawals. I'm sure that most of you think that Lent is 40 days, but just so you know, that figure doesn't count Sundays. From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday is a total of 46 days. 46 long, chocolate-less days.

Only 5 days remain until I can finally indulge in my most favourite food once again. Last night I had a dream about chocolate. I was eating a beautiful Cadbury Top Deck bar (just like the one that my amazing roommate brought back from her recent Sydney trip), happier than any other girl on the planet at that very moment. And then, I woke up.

I must admit, it has been a great test of my willpower. If I can give up chocolate, I can do anything... but most of the time I'd just rather not.


Anonymous said...

Many people seem unaware that you can "cheat" on Sunday... that's why lent isn't 40 straight days

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