I just want my mommy!

Apr 12, 2011

Well hello there, sudden flurry of new followers! Where did you all come from? Thanks for hanging out to listen to me babble on about life and my travels. I enjoy the company!

In this week's news... Life was so much easier last year, before Canadians required a visa to visit the UAE. After the Canadian government denied the local airlines more landing rights (they wanted to fly to Calgary... an hour from my home... imagine how amazing that would be!), the UAE slapped us with the requirement for an advanced visa to visit the country. Before, you could just arrive in the country and be issued a visa at the airport.
Much to my joy, my mom and brother have decided that now would be a good time to come and visit me in my sand castle. However, the entire process has proved to be quite frustrating, especially given my limited amount of time actually spent in Dubai between layovers. It's going to cost me a decent chunk of money and every day off in a desperate effort to get them here, because I could really use the company and it would be fun to play tour guide in my home! Unfortunately we are cutting it pretty close with the current time frame.
I don't honestly know that it will all work out. Yes, part of me says "Be optimistic!!!" but another part of me doesn't want to get overly excited for a visit that may not happen.
Everyone please wish us luck!! I've been feeling a bit lonely since returning from vacation, and a visit from my family is just what I need!


Nicole said...

Hey Krysta! Stay postive. I'm sure everything will turn out great!
Enjoy your flight back to Hong Kong again:)

Anonymous said...

Visas can be a pain in the ass to deal with, but I hope it works out for you!!

Anonymous said...

you can thank Melissa for your sudden new followers :P

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