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Sep 2, 2011

I think it's safe to say that Ryan and I are aviation geeks. From our rapidly expanding collection of all things airplane related to our satisfaction in spending hours parked near the airport watching planes take off and land, we most certainly meet the definition of obsessed.
2 years ago, I jetted off to Dubai to begin my career as a flight attendant. At the same time, he began working towards his private pilot's license. It was a long journey, interrupted by the reality of a full time job and trying to accumulate flying hours. Finally, this week Ryan passed his final exams and was certified a real pilot!!
I was so proud of him, and excited about the fact that he was now able to take passengers for flights. After 2 months on the ground, I was getting quite anxious to be in the sky again and tried to make this obvious with my not-too-subtle hints that I'd like to go for a ride.
The weather was in our favour and yesterday we drove out to the airport, rented a plane, took off and flew around Central Alberta. Just like that! We were flying, in a tiny little plane, and he was in full control. As if I didn't love him enough already, now he takes me flying. We were truly meant for each other.
We flew over the many places that I've called home over the years. I snapped photos and enjoyed the turbulence. It felt so good to be back. The world is better from above.
He was clearly as excited as I was, happy to be free from the limitations of a student license. After an hour flight, we landed safely back at the airport. It was an expensive date, but worth every dollar!
Brushing aside our healthy diet, we celebrated with a massive platter of deep-fried deliciousness at a new restaurant in town. We ate until we felt sick, but it was necessary for such an exciting celebration! I'm marrying a pilot!!!


Ryann said...

Aww thats such an adorable date! I love reading about your adventures with Ryan!

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