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Jul 24, 2012

My life just got busy.  Crazy, chaotic, stressful... everything that I love the most.  
After a rough start to the year and far too much time spent on the ground... I'm going back. Back to the skies, back to the early mornings, and back to the life that I love so dearly. 
Yes, you read right. I'm (finally) returning to the role of flight attendant.  I've kept it a secret for a few weeks, just because I didn't want to get overwhelmed with questions at every social gathering.  I love my career, but I don't love being the centre of attention and always talking about myself... believe it or not.
This time I'm working for a brand new company. I'm really looking forward to my new career and the opportunities that this airline brings.  Though my destinations will be domestic ones, they are certainly places few people on the planet will ever have the opportunity to visit.  
With a new airline comes new training and thus for the next few weeks I may be forced to abandon the blog a bit. Yes, this is my 3rd time going through the process, but it doesn't get any easier with repetition. Though I know the basics of aviation, each company has completely different ways of doing things and sometimes it's more difficult forgetting what you've already been taught than learning something for the very first time. 
I began the journey just yesterday, and already stress levels are high. Especially on days like today, when after a long day of class I headed to my car to prepare for a long night of studying, only to find that my tire was completely flat.  At that moment, my mood felt just as deflated.  My husband came to my rescue, and I'm so lucky to have him here to support me during a time that makes me utterly crazy.  
As some of my fellow classmates are just discovering, us flight attendants have to know so, so much more than how to serve coffee in the sky.  
On that note, it's back to my oh-so-beloved manual to read up on airplanes.  
Wish me luck!


Just Another Mummy Blog said...

That's great news krysta!! What company are you with now? And how come you decided to leave west jet? Sorry if that's too personal. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Krysta!
Congrats on your new job!! Happy for you?
If you don't mind me asking, how did you go about getting your police clearance from Dubai? I lived there for a few years and now need to get the clearance as well. If you are able to share with me the process, I would be really grateful.


Nicole said...

Amazing news Krysta! Good luck with your training!:) again:)

danhall1984 said...
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danhall1984 said...

Yay! What a fun and interesting place to run in to you in person. I wish us all good luck, and look forward to working with you!

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