a little bit of summer and nothing much at all.

Jul 13, 2012

Excuse my lack of blogging. I've been busy enjoying my summer... In particular, this "heat wave" that our lovely province is currently experiencing.  With temperatures similar to a spring afternoon in Dubai, I'll admit, it's been pretty toasty for this corner of the world. I trained for such conditions by spending 2 summers in one of the hottest places in the world... and you know what? This is gorgeous.  My fellow Canadians are full of complaints, but we only get 2 months a year to bask in the glorious heat. I plan to take full advantage of it.  Admittedly, we as Albertans aren't well equipped to deal with temperatures above 25 degrees... few houses have the luxury of air conditioning. This makes for sleepless nights in homes much warmer than my apartment in Dubai, which was constantly programmed to be a cozy 24 degrees Celsius.  Before we know it, it will be the middle of winter and too cold to feel our toes. Let's enjoy this... it never lasts.
In other news, today marks 3 months since the day that I married my best friend in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  Since then, a few more friends have announced their engagements and I'm excited that the wedding fever is all but over.  I might no longer be a bride to be, but now I'm a bridesmaid! I always thought that I'd be the last one married and 10 times a bridesmaid, but shockingly I was the first of my close friends to walk down the aisle and this will be my first time as a bridesmaid.  Life has its way of surprising you. I'm so excited to do all sorts of girly wedding things, seeing as how Ryan and I didn't have a bridal party. These days every time we go to some social gathering the common question is "How is married life?" I'm really not sure what the expected response is. Of course it's great. I married my best friend and we couldn't be much happier. Even if it wasn't great, do you think I'd really answer the question in any other way? We love our life, and at 3 whole months, Hollywood marriages have nothing on us.  
This post is a bit of a rambling one, with nothing particular to blog about.  Okay, fine, I can't lie to you all... something exciting is in the works, but I'm going to save that for a later post.  (And no, before you ask... it has absolutely nothing to do with a baby.)
 Stay tuned my lovely readers! 
Now get offline and go outside... seriously... it's summer! 


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if it's not about baby then maybe flying again? :)

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