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Dec 5, 2013

Every year since Ryan and I first started dating, we've went away to celebrate December 2.  We officially became a couple on June 2, so December became what I refer to as our "Half-iversary".  
The first year we headed to Canmore for a bittersweet getaway. Only 10 days later I'd move to Dubai and this was essentially our romantic farewell. The next year we jetted off to Mexico and I came back with a ring on my finger and all of the excitement in the world.  In 2011 we returned to Canmore and enjoyed a cozy stay in a fancy hotel suite.  Last year I was surprised with last minute vacation time, so we booked a trip to Mexico and a few weeks later we found out that I was pregnant.   Although we are married now and have a real anniversary date to celebrate, we still continue with the tradition.  
With a new baby, we decided to put the tropical trip on hold until she's a bit older, instead returning to our second favourite getaway spot... Canmore.  We booked a nice hotel room and Ryan took a couple of days off of work to make it a long weekend. 
It was a weekend full of my favourite things... Ryan and Aaralee, romance, mountains... and so much food.  We consumed an embarrassing amount of chocolate, cinnamon buns, and other delicious treats. 

4 1/2 years later, I still love Ryan just as much as I did the very first year... perhaps even more.  We are a boring old married couple, but I'd rather spend my days lazing around the house with him than having adventures all by myself. 

He gave me the most beautiful daughter and I'm thankful everyday that he is not only an amazing husband to me, but also an amazing father to Aaralee.  She's a lucky little girl, and she doesn't even realize it yet! 

We spent a good deal of our weekend watching movies by the fire, with no timeline and no place to be.  It doesn't get much better than that!

We did of course venture out on a few occasions.  We were in far too beautiful of a place to spend the entire weekend indoors! Our first adventure was to Lake Louise.  Aaralee had never been, so it was obviously necessary.

We had an overpriced lunch in the Chateau and then headed outside for a few quick photos before seeking shelter in the warmth of the car and returning to Canmore. 

Instead of an expensive dinner out that evening, we took advantage of our hotel room's kitchenette and barbecue and made our own delicious meal. 

The next day we ventured into Banff, where the weather was far more pleasant than back home in Edmonton. 


We browsed the shops and fought the crowds before heading to have lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Eating out with Aaralee used to be rather intimidating, but as with all things, it has gotten easier with practice!

After a great weekend it was time to head back home. We picked the absolute worst day to travel... the entire province was in the midst of a blizzard. We took it slow and eventually made it home safely. Perhaps next year we'll have to go to sunny Mexico instead. 


Sami said...

Banff isn't quite as pretty with all that white stuff laying around! ;) haha. You have such a beautiful family, Krysta!! It's amazing how far all of us have come since Camille J Lerouge! Miss you!

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