The Most Wonderful Time

Dec 17, 2013

There are only 8 days until Christmas! 8!! I suppose now would be a good time to finish (start) my Christmas shopping. It was bad enough in previous years without having to haul a baby around the busy mall.  Believe me, we've tried to shop. Usually we end up in the food court. Fast food gift cards are looking like a rather promising present for everyone on my list. I know for a fact that my husband would be the happiest man on earth.  
Having a new baby makes this season all the more exciting. Thanks to said baby, I'm also on maternity leave and off of work, in Canada for the first Christmas in a long, long time! I'm finally able to do the things that I've always imagined doing in the month of December. I've decorated the house. I've baked delicious goodies and regretfully consumed more than I should have. I've sang Christmas carols to my baby and in return heard her first few giggles...  causing my heart melt into sweet blissful mush.  I've dressed my daughter in Christmas outfits nearly every day of December and taken approximately 3,450,803 photos of her.  She's met Santa, and spent hours gazing in awe of the Christmas tree. This Christmas loving mama is in all of her glory. 
I can only hope that every else is enjoying their December as much as I am. I'm feeling so blessed as I eagerly count down the days until my first Christmas with my beautiful baby and my amazing husband! 


Tot d'un plegat said...

Have a wonderful Christmas!! Kisses from Spain!

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