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Apr 5, 2014

Oh Blog, I miss you.  
I really do mean to update you more often. The intention is there, but as it turns out being a mother to a nearly 7 month old baby is rather time consuming. Especially when said baby is very active and already getting into anything that comes within her reach. Changing her diapers is something I'd equate to wrestling a mountain lion and when she's hungry (which is always... have you met her parents?!) the whole world knows about it.  I love my busy girl, but with my husband working south of the border for the majority of the past 3 weeks... I'm tired... too tired to blog. 

Of course, there comes a time in which procrastination overtakes me and I return to my faithful spot to write instead of doing what I'm actually supposed to be doing... in this case, cleaning my house and packing for vacation. 
Yeah... that's right.... vacation! Tomorrow my husband finally returns to Canada and on Monday the three of us jet off to Punta Cana..... woo hoo!  We've never been to the Dominican Republic before, but we are certainly looking forward to it.  Our baby will get her first dose of real warm sunlight and stick her little toes in the ocean.   We will celebrate Aaralee's 7 months of existence on Thursday and our 2 years of marriage on Saturday.  We'll overindulge in true all inclusive style, undoing all of the hard work that we've put in at the gym for the past few months... and it will be totally worth it.  
Rest assured, I'll overload you with stories and many, many photos upon our return... which reminds me, I should charge my camera battery. Now that I've successfully killed some time I really should go do something productive. Like watch Thursday's episode of Big Brother Canada, obviously.
 See you in a week!! 


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