Indian Summer

Sep 25, 2014

It's autumn! The shortest and most beautiful season has arrived. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, and summer is officially over.  
A couple of weeks ago snow fell from the sky... because we live in Alberta and such things are to be expected.  It soon melted and the temperature soared. If it weren't for the golden leaves and pumpkin flavoured everything, you might have mistaken the past week for summer.  
We've been keeping busy for the past few weeks with our now-toddler.  The weekend after her birthday we drove to our hometown to meet my friend Rosie's beautiful new daughter, Lilee!  It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was 7 months pregnant and trying to squeeze into my bridesmaid dress at her wedding, so to see her with her own tiny daughter is so amazing. Once upon a time we were crazy roommates who lived off of takeout food and stayed out until 3 am.  I don't know when it happened, but it appears that we are all grown up!  

The next morning we drove west to the Columbia Icefields. Earlier in the summer I'd won free passes to the Glacier Explorer and the Skywalk and with the season drawing to a close we wanted to ensure that they didn't go unused.  Ryan and I had never been on the glacier tour, so it was fun to see it from a different perspective and to let our baby take a few clumsy steps on the snow.

Aaralee had run out of patience by the time that we were back to board the bus to the Skywalk, so we handed off our tickets to a couple of backpackers who were waiting in line to purchase theirs. We'd seen it before, and they were very appreciative of the gesture. It was back to Red Deer for us, with a few scenic stops along the way. There is nothing quite like summer in the mountains, and it had been a great season of introducing our daughter to some of our favourite spots. 

Since that weekend, we've been hanging out in Edmonton.  Our local friends often complain that we are never around on weekends, but with colder weather approaching that will soon change. 
I've been getting my intake of pumpkin spiced lattes, and last week after spending $50 on fall scented soaps and candles (and that was with a 40% off coupon...) I baked pumpkin spiced cookies! Okay... before you give me too much credit, they were the Pilsbury ones that you take out of the package and stick in the oven. But oh my goodness, they were delicious and you all should run out and purchase them and tell everyone that you baked them from scratch. They'd probably believe you, because unlike me, you probably are capable of baking delicious things. 

We've been trying to spend as much time outside as possible while we still can... -30 degrees Celsius won't be ideal for playing outside. Aaralee loves squishing crunchy leaves, and Niko certainly appreciates any chance for a walk. 

Tonight I persuaded my husband to join us on an adventure at the corn maze. It was a gorgeous evening and our baby looked so cute strolling along the path, trying to pick up every ear of corn on the ground.  She did so well, despite staying out until bedtime.  

Not much else is going on these days, but with a one year old life is never dull.  Every day is a new adventure, whether we are dancing in the living room or out with friends.  She keeps me busy, she keeps me entertained, and she fills my days with laughter!  


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