So Long, Summer.

Sep 2, 2014

I say this every year... but where has the time gone? It's officially September and I don't know where I was or what I was doing, but summer has seemed to pass by in record time.  A lot of memories have been made over the course of the past few months, but I still don't understand how it can already be over.  Before we know it, snow will be on the ground and we'll be cooped up inside of our house for months on end. I'm not ready for this. Thank goodness for pumpkin spiced lattes for helping me to get through this difficult time. 
To bid farewell to another great season, we spent the final long weekend of summer camping in the mountains.  Admittedly, when I saw the weather forecast I was not thrilled to spend the entire weekend outdoors and contemplated cancelling our plans in favour of staying home. We decided to go anyways, and I packed the warmest clothing items that I could find for Aaralee and myself.  
In an attempt to beat the rush, Ryan took Friday off of work and we headed out Thursday afternoon to meet his parents and aunt and uncle at the campground. Thank goodness that we left when we did, because there were already few sites remaining!  We pitched our tent and settled in for a weekend of eating, hiking, and keeping warm by the fire.  

The evenings were cold, but Aaralee was bundled in so many layers that there was no chance of her being cold.  Crawling out of my warm sleeping bag to feed her at 4:30 am was very chilly and highly unpleasant... particularly when I'd glance over at my fast asleep and oh-so-warm husband.  
On Friday morning a more desirable site became available, so we packed up camp and moved over. By "we" I mean everyone else. I put Aaralee in her carrier and cuddled her as she napped. 
 Once we were set up we headed for Lake Louise.

  Ryan and I decided to do something different and rented a canoe while Grandma took Aaralee and Niko for a walk around the lake. It was fun to have a rare hour to ourselves as we paddled around the beautiful blue water. 

  After dinner it was another early (and cold) evening.
Saturday rolled around and the rest of the family was eager to go for a hike. Not wanting to hold them back with our unpredictable baby, we opted for our own adventures that day.  We found ourselves at beautiful Emerald Lake and walked the trail around it. It was a gorgeous day, far warmer than it would have been at the campground.  We managed to do the entire loop with the stroller, which was fun for Aaralee and a nice break for me.

  With plenty of day left ahead of us we continued driving further into British Columbia, stopping in Golden where we wandered around a small farmer's market and bought cherries from our favourite fruit stand.  We drove back to the campground through the pouring rain.

  It was going to be the coldest of evenings yet.  As we sat around the fire we were joined by two backpackers from France. They'd been unsuccessful at starting their own campfire, so they joined us to cook their meals and stay warm.  
It poured rain the entire night and into the morning as we packed up to return home. Everyone else was staying until Monday, but Ryan and I had lots to accomplish at home and 4 days away from a shower was plenty for me.  
As the weekend drew to a close I was happy that we'd decided to go camping despite the rain and cold weather.  I've got my fill of s'mores and campfire pizza and I think it's safe to say that the camping season is over for our little family until next year. 

And with that, it's time for pumpkin flavoured everything, scarves and boots and the final preparations for Aaralee's big birthday bash that is just around the corner.
Thank you Summer, you never let me down.  Please come back soon. 


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