5 Years From Now...

Apr 12, 2009

Remember in 12th grade when the question "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" was posed? I do. I remember having an in depth plan thought out, I was ready and poised for success. First I'd take a year off, find a well paying job and save my dollars for college the year after. I'd major in travel and tourism, take another year off to travel, and then land a job with a major international airline. I'd live in a beautiful condominium in the heart of the big city, and life would be perfect.
Fast forward 5 years, and where am I? 3 blocks away from the high school that I graduated from, living with my Mother, working for an insurance agency. It's funny how things don't always go as planned.
I have, however, accomplished the majority of the items on my list... I took a year off of school and worked, although rather than the well paying job I'd anticipated, I was trapped in Walmart dealing with screaming children and never ending line ups of impatient customers. I did go to college, and I did major in travel. My year off to explore the world turned into another year of working another dead end job, but I did make it to Australia and Southeast Asia a year and a half later. I returned home in October of 2008, which was far more of a culture shock than downtown Bangkok. Life, as I'd known, was so much different than I'd remembered. I was so much different. Life goes on. Having spent my last dollars in Australia, I was forced to move in to my mom's house, and here I've remained since. The airline dream? Still a dream, as hard as I've tried to make it a reality and as close as I've come (top 13 of 220 hopefuls for Emirates airline interviews!), I still haven't been able to check that one off of my list. With my 5 year anniversary of being a graduate approaching in only 2 months, I think I'm out of luck in accomplishing all that I said I would, but I suppose I've done alright!
Well, that was perhaps one of my most pointless blogs yet... "I've accomplished nothing in life"..... 5 minutes later.. "Okay, maybe I've done okay in life..." but does anybody read these blogs anyways?
So my question to you, regardless of what stage in your life you are currently at... Where do YOU see yourself in 5 years?? That's a tough one, I'm going to have to sleep on it.
Goodnight all, Happy Easter!


Unknown said...

Hum...that's a good question I have to say...in 5 years from now I see myself :

Practicing photography as my side-line job (at least), probably a cook for the same company (Fairmont), living in Calgary or Edmonton (for sure Alberta), traveling in Europe and hopefully to have the chance to do a Safari-photo with friends somewhere in Africa...That's the only things I can think of for now :).

Krysta said...

I love the idea of a safari in Africa!! I hope to go there for a few months to volunteer at an ophanage, one day! Yes, Fairmont is a great company, stick with it! :)

TulareGirl said...

Sometimes life catches us by suprise and before we know it, we're older and still waiting to do all those things we had planned back in high school--I know I am. My life is good--but right now I'm raising my 3 kids and somethings just have to be put on hold while I do my best to raise healthy & happy children.
You're only 22, so don't fret too much, you can still do those things--keep trying.

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