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Apr 14, 2009

About a month ago, 90% of the people on my Facebook friends list compiled "25 Things About Me" lists, tagging 25 people per note... much to my frustration. So, as hypocritical as I tend to be from time to time, here I am writing 25 useless facts about myself. That said, I refuse to post it on Facebook, and I will not be tagging 25 people. I've also discovered that it's not that easy trying to think of that many interesting facts about my life...

  1. I'd like to go back to school, but the financial burden is holding me back. I'm 2 weeks away from having my student loans completely paid off. I'd love to study journalism despite the fact I know my writing skills are far from on par with the industry standards.

  2. That said, I'm still not giving up my flight attendant dreams. I just need a backup plan. In January I made it through a series of 4 interviews for my dream airline... I was 1 of only 13 people out of 230 who made it to the final stage. Then the recession hit, and all hiring was put on hold.

  3. I've been skydiving, surfing, white water rafting, and I've even moved to the other side of the world alone. This summer I'm planning to bungee jump. Yet I'd never consider myself as somebody who is brave...

  4. I have probably 20 close guy friends who are gay, and about 2 who are straight. I'm destined to be single for life.

  5. I've been living with my mom and teenage brothers since returning from Australia, and I'm suffocating from lack of independence.

  6. This is only because I'm VERY independent. It's great but to a certain extent it's one of my downfalls...

  7. One of my life goals is to volunteer at an orphanage in Africa. It would be heartbreaking and emotionally very difficult, but I think it would be a great eye opener.

  8. I hate snow. I had to throw this one in because it's snowing outside as I type. I'd be perfectly content in +40, sunny skies, 98% humidity. Living in Cairns, Australia was a dream.

  9. I'm a fitness junkie. Once I start, I have to go every day or I feel guilty. I have absolutely no issue with my weight, it's just an addiction to the endorphins

  10. I'm also a junk food addict... I suppose they somewhat cancel each other out. Chocolate makes everything in life so much better.

  11. I love photography, it's such an incredible way of expressing emotions and remembering specific moment in time. That said, I by no means believe that I possess the talent, but I very much admire those who do. Project 365 consumes so much of my life..

  12. I need to make both a doctor's and dentist appointment as I'm overdue for both...but I have far too great of a phobia to do either...

  13. I'm addicted to the internet. It's really, really, a terrible thing.

  14. I can get along with almost anybody. I've lived with some of the craziest personalities and people so opposite, but I can do it. However, if you are rude for no apparent reason, I'll return the favor.

  15. I love, love, love airplanes. Ask me anything about cars and I'll give you a blank stare... but if you need to know the cruising speed or wingspan of a Boeing 747, I'm your girl!

  16. Backpacking made my personality grow in so many ways, and I learnt more in that year than I'd learn at home in 3 years. I think that everybody should take a trip by themselves at least once, even if it's only for a month. It's amazing how you can just be yourself when you are freed from the identity that you carry at home.

  17. I am a Christian. Some days things seem so hopeless but having faith will always get me through.

  18. I don't have as many close friends as I used to, but the few that I have now mean the world to me. People change, and it's sometimes easier to accept it and move on than to try so hard to make a friendship work and in the end cause it to end on bad terms.

  19. I love to sing. I'll never tire of karaoke nights. Getting on stage in front of a crowded bar is such a rush, even when you butcher the song!

  20. For somebody who fears commitment and thrives on freedom as much as I do, you'd be surprised to know that I really look forward to marriage someday, and I hope to have 3 or maybe even 4 children.

  21. I wish that I could run! I get so tired, so fast. I've been working to build my endurance and my goal is to run 1 km, without stopping. It's not much, but right now I'm out of breath after one lap.

  22. I'm really terrible with money. "Oh, my Mastercard is nearly maxed out... but I need a $600 camera, now!". Anytime I stumble across extra money I tend to put it towards travel rather than pay off my pile of debt.

  23. I'm addicted to travel. I am never happier than when I'm lost in some foreign country with nothing but a camera and passport. There is so much to be seen in this great big world.

  24. I rarely swear, but occasionally I let a few foul words slip and it's hilarious seeing peoples reactions, as they don't expect it from me.

  25. I love my life. Plain and simple, life is good. I may complain a lot, but in all honesty I know I've got it good.

  26. That's all! More than you ever cared to know, I'm sure!

I'm immature, irresponsible, lazy & loud... but I'm fun!


TulareGirl said...

I luved it! Some of your personality and mine are alike. I too wanted to be an airline attendent or pilot, but right now I'm raising my three children. Luved # 24--that happens to me too, since I hardley cuss--at least out loud.

Krysta said...

Thank you! :)
It would definately be an amazing job, but not easy to balance a family and career that involves staying away from home!

And I also love #24, it's hilarious the way people react.... "Did she just say @*!#????"

Unknown said...

After reading your quiz, I can tell that you are a very passionate person, devoted, fun and a good friend. :D I think we can get along if we meet someday (flickr buddies?!)hihi! :D

So, that said, my turn to put it on my blog ;).

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