Puppy Love

Apr 18, 2009

This morning my younger brothers and my stepdad jetted off to the beautiful Mayan Riviera. In all honesty, yes, I'm jealous. What I'd give to be lying on the beach with a pina colada right now... but I've had more beach paradise time in the past couple of years than most Canadians will in a lifetime, so I suppose I don't have much right to be jealous. While they are gone, I've been left in charge of taking care of Coolie, the 150 lb Presa Canario dog. He's a bit of an intimidating looking dog, but in reality he's just an oversized, cuddly, suck up of a puppy. We had a lot of fun playing in the backyard this evening as Titan watched, feeling betrayed. Shockingly, I was only knocked to the ground twice!


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