I Hate Valentine's Day.

Feb 10, 2010

If you've known me for a few years, chances are I've mentioned to you how much I dislike Valentine's Day... also commonly known as "Commercialized Affection Day" or "Single Awareness Day". And no, I'm not some bitter, lonely girl whining about the fact that I can't find a date. I have an amazing boyfriend and I love him very much, but that doesn't make Valentine's Day any less stupid, in my opinion.
I just don't get it... a day devoted to romance and showing your significant other just how much you love them by buying lame cards, flowers, and fruit cream filled chocolates in tacky heart shaped boxes. Come on, why ruin good chocolate? The theaters are full as couples cram in to see the latest romantic comedy, and restaurants are overbooked. I don't know, something about a loud, crowded restaurant just isn't a perfect date for me. I love my boyfriend, but I don't need one day of the year set aside for romance. We can go on a date any night and it will be just as romantic as February 14th... probably more so, given the lack of overcrowding. If you love somebody, tell them. Show them how much you appreciate them every day. Don't rely on Hallmark.
It annoys me that receiving gifts becomes such an expectation. The first time that I found myself in a relationship on Valentine's Day (with my now ex boyfriend), I felt overwhelmed with pressure. "What do I buy him? Chocolate? Do I need to get a card? What movie do we go to?" In the end, I picked up a few delicious chocolates that I'd rather have kept for myself. He bought me fruit cream filled ones. We went to a lame movie and everything about the evening felt so juvenile. Really? Adults celebrate this day?
What about the single people? I'm in an amazing relationship, but before I started dating Ryan I was happily single and prided myself on my independence. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not being in a relationship. I spent many Valentine's Days as a single girl, and while I wouldn't say that I was lonely, I did feel a bit left out as other girls in my high school classes were delivered roses and candies halfway through math class. There I'd be, longing for sugar as the girls with boyfriends ate their heart shaped lollipops and chocolate kisses in front of me. Then at night, everyone would go on their dates. Maybe I wanted to go to a movie, or out for dinner, but not only were all of my girl friends out on the mandatory dates, but everywhere in town was jam packed with couples. Disgusting, mushy, couples. Why is there no "Single's Day?", where couples are made to feel like social outcasts? Valentine's Day is dumb.
My biggest pet peeve about the day?? Valentine's Day proposals. I'm sorry, if you are reading this and your husband proposed to you on February 14th. My very own parents met on that day. Come on, is that honestly the best that you could do? Proposals should be original and unique, something that you've clearly put a lot of thought and planning into. It's one of the biggest moments of your life, and you choose the most commercialized, forced romance days? I'm not saying that I'd decline the proposal if my future husband got down on one knee on Valentine's Day, but I'd probably be a bit disappointed with his choice of dates.
Alright, that's enough of my rant. All of you Valentine's Day lovers can forward me hate mail now, saying that I'm bitter or angry. I'm not, really, I'm not. I'm fortunate enough to have a boyfriend who feels the same way as I do towards the day. It has nothing to do with the fact that we can't be together to celebrate... it's just dumb, and my opinion of the day will never change.
This year I'll be spending my day en route to Australia while Ryan is snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains. We'll be miles apart but both enjoying ourselves without the need to go on a cheesy date, because we both know that we love each other and don't need a specific day to show it. THAT, is my idea of a great Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm breaking up with you.

... on Valentine's Day!

Krysta said...

Sorry love, but we won't have communication that day... as you will be in the mountains and I'll be flying. No can do. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll find a way. I'm amazing.

Jill said...

Omg I couldnt have said it better myself.. Krysta you said everything that I feel about Valentines Day. I especially hate the cheesy Valentines Day proposals. Clay was original. He did not need a stupid day of "love" to do it! Im so happy to hear someone else that feels the same way I do!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Krysta, Troy read your blog and didn't propose to me today......thanks a lot......lol just got the ring and that was it.....:)

Clint said...

This needs to be a larger movement. Someone should really snuff this holiday out.

Mom said...

yeppers...ur own parents met on Valentines Day....that made me laugh....I reminded him on Valentines that we been friends for 18 years...wow !!

Amber Cavers said...

I don't really care about Valentines Day. We didn't do cards, but I did buy flowers and we did cook a nice dinner at home. I feel that Valentines Day is just as commercial as the other holidays though, so I'm not gonna diss just one.

Also my mom and stepdad got married on Valentines Day. Ha!

Christi said...

I don't revolve my life around Valentine's Day, but I still like doing something nice.

My husband and I always do things for each other all times of the year. We go on corny dates at least once a week. But lots of people don't... so if there's a day that makes those dried up unromantics go out and buy a card or some candy or take their partner to a nice dinner then it's not all bad!

I think it does more good than bad.

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