Sydney & Auckland, we meet again!

Oct 14, 2010

After a brief illness last month that resulted in me calling in sick for my flight to Sydney, I was excited to finally be returning to the land down under. Nothing was going to stop me this time!
After much procrastination I packed my suitcase, set for 6 whole days far from the Middle East.
As I met the crew, I was pleased to meet another Canadian. As we got to talking, she had a sudden realization. "Are you from Red Deer?" she asked. "Do you write a blog?" I laughed at the randomness of the situation, as she explained that her mom frequently reads my posts... so hello to Kimberly from Vancouver's Mom, thanks for reading! I've tried to convince your daughter to start up her very own blog to keep you updated! There is a strange sudden bond when 2 Canadians meet on the other side of the world. Even more exciting, is when we discover that we are both from Western Canada, unlike most of the others who hail from Toronto. We knew that we'd get along great.
I was in high spirits as we boarded the big bird, and boy would I need them. We were in store for 13 hours of nonstop call bells and passengers that were bottomless pits of hunger. Aside from my mandatory (but far too short) crew rest, I spent the entire flight on my feet. It was 6 am when we landed in Sydney and I felt as if I was sleepwalking through airport customs.
You all know me well enough to know that I wasn't going to let a bit of extreme fatigue stop me from enjoying my day! As the rest of the crew slept, I changed into some comfy clothes and my favorite pair of flip flops and set out for the day. I made a beeline for Gloria Jean's in need of a quick caffeine fix. Realizing that I was hungry and that it was breakfast time, I made my way to McDonald's. I absolutely love McD's breakfast in Australia. For just $3 I grabbed some delicious pancakes and sat down to take advantage of the free wifi to let Ryan know that I'd arrived safely. Of course he already knew, as he has the nerdy habit of tracking my flights... but after a full day in the sky it was nice to talk to him. My caffeine buzz was short lived, so I grabbed another latte for the road and set out for a big day of aimless wandering. I set out towards Kings Cross, taking a photo of the sketchy hostel called "Asylum" where I'd stayed with my friend Jake a few years back. Continuing on, I made my way towards Oxford Street, where I was slightly shocked by the obvious public displays of homosexuality... not because I have a problem with it, but because I live in Dubai, where such things are not tolerated. I react the same way when I see heterosexual couples showing any form of affection beyond hand holding. Life in the Middle East has that affect on a person. It was a bit refreshing to see such an abundance of freedom, and I spent a few minutes reminiscing, missing my oh-so-gay and oh-so-awesome friends back home in Canada. I browsed quirky artsy shops and the Saturday markets as I soaked up the thrills of a westernized society. As I headed back towards the city, I grabbed some sushi and savored every bite.
I happily wandered through the Botanical Gardens, "Awww"-ing at the many weddings taking place. I stopped to smell the roses and take in the views. I sat for awhile watching the world go by around me. Families sat together enjoying picnics and couples strolled hand in hand. I felt a bit envious as I continued walking all by my lonesome. It was Thanksgiving back at home and I knew that most of my friends and family would be enjoying the day surrounded by the people closest to them. I continued walking to forget about my moment of loneliness. Despite my increasing levels of fatigue, I somehow found the energy to decide to trek across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Let me tell you, it's longer than it looks. I snapped far too many photos of the city and the Opera House as I stood high up on the bridge thinking that my life was pretty great.
As I walked back I made my way to Darling Harbour, one of my favorite places in Sydney. In celebration of Thanksgiving, I ordered a turkey sub from Subway. It wasn't the traditional dinner I'd hoped for, but it was turkey and I felt a bit more content. By the time I'd finished eating I was struggling to stay awake, so I decided to return to the hotel. I fell asleep and didn't wake up until early the next morning, when it was time to do it all over again.
I got ready for the next flight... this time to Auckland! I was so excited to be back in chilly New Zealand. I'm not really sure what I love so much about the city. It's typically cool and rainy when I visit, and there isn't a lot that I can do in the short period of time I'm given. For whatever reason, Auckland has won my heart and I spent the evening eating sushi and Subway (I stick to what I know and love) as I walked around the pretty streets. I came across a beautiful park full of old trees, fountains, and cherry blossoms! I took some photos and enjoyed the fresh air and abundance of real live nature. I decided it was time to head back to the hotel. It was early to bed for me, as I knew my body was still trying to recuperate from the lack of sleep the day prior. I slept an amazing 12 hours before waking up feeling great. I even found the motivation to go to the gym! The treadmills had TV's built in and I ran and laughed as I watched "Whose Line is it Anyways?". It had been raining all morning but it had appeared to die down. I grabbed my umbrella and put on some warm clothes as I headed outside. I walked into the city, browsing the shops that had closed the night before. As the rain began pouring down once again, I ran to seek refuge inside a cafe where I ordered the best Chai latte that I've ever drank and tried to warm up. Sadly, my time in Auckland was fast coming to an end and I had to return to the hotel to get ready for my flight back to Sydney.
Back in Australia I went for Subway, yet again. I tried my best to stay awake, knowing that the next day had a long night flight in store for me, but I couldn't do it. I went back to my hotel room and called it a night. I woke up bright and early the next day ready to enjoy the last few hours of my layover. I had been contemplating an early morning walk at Bondi Beach, but I quickly changed my mind when I opened the curtains to discover a rainy day. I took it as a sign to relax as I went for a short walk to Circular Quay for one last look at the Harbour. I ate McDonald's pancakes again and wasted the morning wandering before heading back to my room to sleep before the flight.
14 hours later, I was back in Dubai, dazed and jet lagged. These long trips take a toll on my poor body, but they are worth it!


RetroJetGirl said...

Yay I love Sydney & I always do a GLoria Jean's run too :P

Seb said...

You didn't say hello! Again! said...

Hi Krysta, I confess I've been a "closet" spectator living vicariously through your blog as an Emirates FA. I had mentioned your blog to Kim and so glad you two had chance to meet. I think travel is the best education and your experiences are irreplaceable. Kim is also not a 9 - 5er and I admire both of you your courage to venture so far from home to pursue a dream of seeing the world - an amazing place. Best wishes and safe travels, Joanne

Tleppihs Nayr said...

So awesome! can't wait for December!

Tleppihs Nayr said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a young guy from Europe, with still a couple of college years ahead, and it has been my dream to become a flight attendant from the moment I took my first flight up to now. Since a couple of years, my dream has become to be an EMIRATES flight attendant. Reading older entries from your blogs, and other blogs, has offered me a great insight on what it's like down there in Dubai, and I think it's a great learning school and the lifestyle seems great. However, one thing has been bugging me, and it's the fact that I'm gay.. I really don't know what to expect because I'm thinking of applying in a year or so when I've graduated. Could you please tell me if you had any experiences/encounters with gay EK F/A's, and how they are treated/how it's like for them? I know you propably have other things to do, but I would love it you'd answer my question. It's the only thing that's holding me back for pursuing my big dream. Oh, btw, you have an amazing blog it's love reading every single bit of it! :D Bye, and thanks a lot.
(If you would like to answer my question, would you please do it here in the comment section? I'm a bit uncomfortable about putting my email out here in the open)

Krysta said...

Anonymous: Thanks for your comment! I say go for it! It's stereotypical to say but true... the majority of male flight attendants are gay! At Emirates I'd say at least half of the guys I worked with were. You'd have absolutely no issue, and you might even meet yourself a nice man! :) You'd obviously have to watch your actions while out and about in Dubai, but even straight couples have to avoid PDA there.

Anonymous said...

You just made my day! I guess I just needed that push from someone who has been there to tell me it'll be ok. Now there's nothing that can stop me anymore, except for the recruitment officers.. Thank you for your kind answer and good luck with your baby, I'm looking forward to reading all about him/her! (I don't know if you've revealed it or even know it yet 'cause I still need to catch up on a LOT of blog posts!) :)

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