I'll Never Get Tired of London!

Oct 25, 2010

Since joining the A380 fleet I've had more than my fair share of flights to London Heathrow. That said, the novelty has yet to wear off. I make the most of every layover, hopping on the train and making the 45 minute journey from my airport hotel to the heart of the city. My most recent trip was no exception. I was in my hotel room for no more than 10 minutes... just enough to drop off my suitcase, change, and wipe off the remnants of my red lipstick.
Like a seasoned pro, I caught the busy train and rode it to the Piccadilly Circus station. I didn't have a plan, I just wanted to soak up the vibrant big city atmosphere that Dubai severely lacks. I wandered towards Trafalgar Square, stopping to admire and patriotically take photos of Canada House with its giant Canadian flag blowing in the wind.
It was a Saturday afternoon and locals and tourists alike crowded the streets. Who could blame them? It was a cool, sunny autumn day, perfect for spending outdoors. I happily window shopped, thinking about how I must be the luckiest girl on the whole planet to have such a super cool job.
Hunger had began to set in, and I searched desperately for a healthier alternative than the typical fast food chains. I'm going on a beach vacation next month, so I've made it my mission to eat healthier and maybe even incorporate exercise into my life once again. I found a great little place called "Itsu - Health & Happiness" and made up my mind that it was exactly what I wanted. I ordered a delicious vegetable dumpling miso soup, the perfect meal to satisfy my hunger and warm me up. Once I'd finished eating it was back outside to continue my aimless wandering.
I was about to discover something that would put me in an over-the-top good mood. I glanced inside a shop that appeared to sell gourmet chocolates. Upon entering, I discovered a massive store transformed into a Christmas shopping paradise. 5 floors of chocolate, gifts, and decor awaited me, and I knew that there was no escape any time soon. I'm admittedly a Christmas fanatic. I realize that it's only October, but I'm that girl that has my tree up the day after Halloween. I'm okay with forking over an extra chunk of cash for the electricity bill that comes with having beautiful lights lit around my home. I love Christmas, and last year I was stuck in the desert where you'd forget it was even happening if it weren't for one massive tree in the center of the Dubai Mall. So I set off, giddily admiring the beautiful displays and forcing myself to refrain from putting every tree ornament in my basket. I spent a ridiculous amount of time in that shop, remembering how great the festive season truly is. The price tags were high above my budget, but I wasn't really there to make purchases. I left with a box of pretty Christmas cards and dreams of decorating my home once I finally flee the sandpit and settle back into Canada.
It was raining as I stepped out into the street, reminding me that I was in London. I was in no hurry, so I found a cozy cafe and indulged in a mint hot chocolate topped with a thick layer of whipped cream. I'd ate healthy the entire day and spent hour walking, I deserved it. I was pleased to find free wifi and I spent awhile catching up with Ryan, muttering on about Christmas and love. Somehow, time had flown by and it was already dark outside. I decided that I should probably begin to make my way to the hotel, as I had quite a long way to go. On the way I stopped in for my mandatory grocery store fix, stocking up on amazingly fresh berries as usual. I stood in Piccadilly for awhile longer before finally heading to the Tube station and catching the train back to the hotel.
The usual London trips have suddenly become so much more exciting with my realization that soon the city will be full of Christmas markets, lights, ice rinks and all thinks happy and festive.
'Tis (almost) the season!


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