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Oct 4, 2010

I never imagined the day that I'd be excited to visit Manchester. However, since my discovery of Primark I've looked forward to each trip and brought a nearly empty suitcase to fill up with my purchases. Just a day after returning from London I was headed back to the UK. Back to back flights can be pretty exhausting, but I generally prefer them to spending my time in Dubai.
The crew was great, and I was happy to be able to fly with a fellow blogger friend!
In the back galley I chatted excitedly about my plans to go shopping with a few of the girls who didn't originally have plans of leaving the hotel room as they were trying to save some money. I managed to persuade them (although it really didn't take much effort) to join in.
I felt a bit guilty for being such a negative influence until they brought out chocolate and forced (Fine, I exaggerate) me to eat some. Have I mentioned that I am really terrible at eating healthy? Feeling like a failure I indulged in the deliciousness of After Eight mints.
Once we landed into lovely Manchester it was straight to our hotel rooms to change and head out into the city. The shuttle driver recognized me as it had only been a week since I'd hopped into his van bound for the city. There were 8 of us in total as we stepped into the zoo that is Primark. We established a meeting point and agreed to return to it 2 hours later. And we were off! I found a shopping bag and wandered the store, tossing items in with every step. It was all so cheap! Realizing that I'd never wear half of the stuff I'd stuffed into the bag, I reassessed my potential purchases and emptied half of the bag before proceeding to the checkout to escape before I overdid it.
Hauling a huge paper bag full of new pajamas and shirts, I wandered around the street, stopping to buy blueberries along the way. It's become somewhat of a UK tradition to buy fresh berries to enjoy the next morning for breakfast.
It was time to meet the rest, so I headed to the meeting point where each of the girls sat with their very own paper bag stuffed full. After all of our shopping we'd worked up quite an appetite, so we set out in search of dinner. Where do you go after you've spent your entire meal allowance on clothing?? The food court, of course! I grabbed Subway to make up for my lack of healthy eating earlier in the day, and then failed once again by ordering ice cream for dessert. Everyone else was doing it! We reassured ourselves that our 7 hour flight without sitting down followed by 2 hours of shopping had earned us such a reward.
After ages standing outside waiting for the return of the shuttle van, we finally headed back the hotel. Everyone was exhausted and in our dazed state we reached the point of giggly and silly, laughing at everything as we walked back to our rooms. The hotel staff probably thought that we'd had a few drinks in the city, but in reality we were just drunk off of shopping.
I slept for approximately 12 hours before waking up for the flight back to Dubai, which was chaotic, I may add. It was non-stop from take off until landing. I was absolutely exhausted by the time we landed, but at the end of the day as long as we arrive safely I can't complain. After running around the cabin for hours there is nothing better than cozying up in my very own bed! Goodbye until next time Manchester, thanks for the adventures!


Tot d'un plegat said...

I've been reading your blog from hours... And I found very funny your finding Primark in Manchester a hotspot.
I was very excited too when Primark finally went in Barcelona.
Love your blog, btw!!

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