The Cure to Weekdays is a good Weekend

Oct 2, 2011

The stress of exams and mind-numbingly long days last week had left me in a rather stressed-out and unpleasant person to be around kind of state. I was sleep deprived and overwhelmed with most aspects of life, from my new career and missing Ryan to wedding planning and purchasing a home.
I'm quite certain that I've never looked forward to Friday more than I did last week. I left campus in a stupidly-giddy mood and set out bound for Red Deer. Nothing cheers me up better than surrounding myself with family and friends, most especially my fiance. After stopping at my mom's house to say hi, cuddle my puppies, and chatter about my week, I set off to Ryan's parent's place where we met and dined on a fantastic dinner, followed by the very first episode of "Pan Am", a television show that I have little choice but to love given that it is entirely about flight attendants.
By the time we drove back to my house I was fighting to stay awake. It was so nice to sleep in the next morning, even if it was only until 8 am! Breakfast was the highlight of my week, thus far. Bacon and eggs and sausages, oh my! I'd been living on little more than coffee during training and felt rather spoiled by the meal. Later that afternoon, Ryan and I went to the mall (I told you he's the greatest fiance, ever) to kill some time and window shop for items to decorate our future home. The rest of our evening was reserved for a very special person. My friend Carley happened to be in town celebrating her both her 25th birthday and her brother's 18th birthday. There was plenty of fun to be had as we headed to our favourite lounge for an evening of drinks and appetizers. Carley and her brother were both forced to endure a birthday tradition (that shall remained unnamed to keep this blog family friendly) of searching for a shot glass amongst a mountain of whipped cream. More of our friends joined in, and we talked about how in only 189 days, we'd be sipping pina coladas in Mexico. I feel so lucky that so many of my friends are joining Ryan and I for our wedding. The best part of the evening was when Ryan smuggled 5 cheeseburgers inside and we sneakily ate them, hiding them under the table when the waitress was approaching. It was nice to be silly and take a break from studying, and exactly the reminder that I needed... my life is pretty darn awesome! I may be in the midst of a challenging 5 weeks, but I'm training for a job that I absolutely love and planning a beautiful wedding with my very best friend. What more could a girl ask for?!
It's a brand new week on a brand new note, and I'm going to do my best not to complain nearly as much as I did last week. Life's not always sunshine and rainbows, but I'm still pretty darn lucky!


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