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Oct 30, 2011

One of the greatest things about my job is the amount of downtime that comes along with it. In Dubai, it was often a downfall, as I looked forward to nearly every opportunity to escape the sandpit. Now that I'm back home in Canada, I take full advantage of my free time!
While it's not always easy being on the other side of the country and being forced to miss out on special occasions, I am privileged to have many, many days off during the month. I spend these days wandering the mall, going on lunch dates with my fiancé, sleeping in, and thinking of the rest of the general population as they sit at work. I have absolutely no routine, which would probably drive most people crazy... but it works perfectly for me!
Another great thing about my job is the places that I get to see. Sure, I've only just begun with this airline and my most glamorous destination so far has been Saskatoon. That said, this career has taken me around the world and back more than a few times. Places that I never would have thought to visit, I've been able to see thanks to my job. I've been to glamourous places like Paris, Sydney, and Hong Kong... and guess where I'm going in just a few short days?! Come on, take a guess!! Okay, fine... I'll tell you. I'm going to Hawaii!!! Maui, to be exact. I'm going to spend 24 hours in beautiful sunny Hawaii, where I'll hang out on the beach, enjoy a cocktail, soak up the sun.... oh, and get paid for it. As a beach-loving, sunshine-loving, always-wanted-to-visit-Hawaii type of girl, I can assure you, I'm very excited. I can also assure you that there WILL be a blog post complete with photos.
On my last pairing, I did something very uncharacteristic of myself, and left my camera at home. Fortunately, I've had my brand new shiny iPhone 4s to join me in my travels, and it does a nice job of documenting where I've been!
Anyways, I've rambled on enough about nothing for the evening. This just serves as a pre-blog post for my upcoming blog about the layover that I can barely wait for. Life is good, really, really good.


kc said...

im literally sitting here JEALOUS of your lifestyle....please email me when you get a chance I really want to ask you some personal questions..I am extremely interested in becoming a flight attendant and just want some advice. I love your posts...I've been reading them for past 2 hours now....LOL

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