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Oct 16, 2011

This week has come to an end, and I must admit... I've never felt more relieved. What a week it was. After a glorious long weekend, I was forced back to a place I've come to despise over the past few weeks... the classroom. We were in the home stretch, but nerves and stress had reached an all time high and people were at their breaking point. The week commenced with us being tested for our drills. Essentially, we had to become great actors and actresses and successfully evacuate our simulated aircraft. It doesn't matter what airline you've worked for, or how many years you've worked as a flight attendant... whether it's your initial training or annual recurrent, everybody stresses over drills. We made it through two rather tedious days and our entire class successfully passed. We can evacuate a plane, but we certainly hope that we'll never need to!
The next day was our final exam. We wrote it, passed it, and received our wings and diplomas, and celebrated with cupcakes! It was also the first day that we wore our uniforms. For those of you who are curious, I apologize for not having photos at this time... but let me tell you, it's far different from the former polyester that I sported! No more red hat, and I couldn't wear red lipstick even if I wanted to! I've got a simple black and blue uniform with a cute little scarf and a simple ponytail will suffice for a hairstyle. Simply put, I feel very free! Sure, it's still far more strict than your average place of employment, but never once have I been asked to step on a scale or reapply my mascara. Things like that just wouldn't go over well in Canada.
Some things about my former airline remind me a great deal of a new television show that people have been asking me about. So for the record... yes, I do watch Pan Am. Of course I do. In fact, nearly every flight attendant that I know does. And yes, I do enjoy it. Cheesy as it is, I can't miss an episode. You want to know a secret? Ryan watches it with me, and he loves it too.
So, back to my happy passing-exam-eating-cupcakes-wearing-uniform day. It was a good day. As soon as we were released from class I hit the highway, heading home to go for dinner with my mom and brother's in celebration of my baby brother's 17th birthday. I'm not sure how he's reached that age, and I'm reluctant to accept the fact, but I can't do a thing about it. We ate a mediocre meal before heading home for a good night's sleep. In the comfort of my own bed I slept for 12 hours straight, taking full advantage of my one day off.
The next morning I went to see my good friend and great hairdresser, Talin. She gave me a much needed hair makeover, just in time to start my new job. Later that day Ryan came to town and made my entire week by taking me for a flight. I love flying, and I love watching him as a pilot. Admittedly, I used to (okay, sometimes I still do) stereotype pilots based on the few sleazy ones that I've known, but when my very own fiance decided to pursue flying I was forced to be a bit more open-minded. Some people just love planes, and love flying them. Maybe one day I can too!
My day off went by far too fast for my liking, and before I knew it, it was time to go back to Calgary and back to training... over the weekend! This time, however, Ryan came with me to the city. Knowing that he was at home waiting for me to be done made getting through the days that much easier. I remembered why I'd moved home to Canada in the first place. I can't wait to actually live in the same city! The weekend ended as fast as it began, and Ryan headed back to Edmonton to get ready for his work week to begin.
That sums up the past week and brings us to Sunday. Which means that tomorrow is Monday, and (drumroll please) that means the tomorrow is my LAST DAY OF TRAINING!
Just one more day of class and then it's time for me to spread my little wings... and fly!
...I think it's safe to say that I'm excited.


Nicole said...

Congratulations Krysta! I'm really happy for you! Can't wait for new posts when you start flying again! :)

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