a few last words to somebody great.

May 22, 2012

When you lose somebody important to you, you suddenly think of all sorts of great things to be said about them.  Last week we lost somebody special to us, and it made me realize that maybe you should be saying these things to them when you actually have the chance.  
Gary, I'm not sure if you'll still read my blog, because from what I know the wifi signal is never great from the middle of a lake... and I'm pretty sure that's where you are, catching some big fish. But if that fancy boat of yours is high tech enough, perhaps you'll get a chance to see this. I've got a few things to say to you, and I'm sad to say that I missed my opportunity to tell you in person.  

1.  Thank you for being such a great husband to my Grandma, even if the two of you snuck off and got married one random day in December without telling anyone else. (I like your style.)
2. Thanks for being an awesome step-grandfather to us girls.  I'm pretty sure that when you first met us, we were all young, stubborn, brats, and you still put up with us. Except for me, I was perfect..  (I'm kidding Chantelle and Kiara, I'm kidding... kind of...)
3.  Thanks for cooking me many, many delicious meals. 
4.  Thank you for encouraging me to chase my flight attendant dreams.  I'll always appreciate that.  
5.  Thank you for turning my Grandma into a camping and fishing queen.  Most especially when some of your delicious catches ended up on my dinner plate.
6. Thanks for making Ryan feel welcome in the family and for taking him fishing... even if he rolled his ankle and stole my seat in the truck on the ride back up.... 
7. Thanks for making us laugh and for being an all around great person.  You will certainly be missed by all who knew you. 

Fishing with Ryan last summer... while I stood and watched, and refused to touch a fish or worm.

The last photo that we are in together... taken on his iPad... how high-tech are my grandparents?! 


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