whirlwind weekend

May 28, 2012

I love those kind of weekends where you lie in bed on Sunday night and think of how much you did, and how much fun you had. I'm all for relaxing and being lazy all weekend long... that's all fine and dandy if it's only one or two weekends of the year.  I'm incapable of relaxing, sitting still, and just doing absolutely nothing. This is tough for my old-man husband, who can't keep up to my young, energetic self. (I'm just kidding, if I get any less than 8 hours of sleep I'm excessively grumpy these days.)  
This weekend was a good dose of chaos and fun.  Friday night we drove to Red Deer after Ryan fixed my car that was literally falling apart.  We chatted with Ryan's parents for awhile, and wished his mom a very happy 60th birthday... though the real celebration was the next day.  
Saturday arrived, and I was drawn to the kitchen by the smell of bacon that had wafted to the second level. We ate some breakfast and lounged around the house before heading out to do some shopping. I think that Ryan and I need shopping rehab, and a ban on buying any more airplane related items. We can't help ourselves. Here is a sample of our typical though process in a store... "An inflatable airplane pool toy?! That would look great in our spare room!" ...or the all too commonly used "We'll buy it for when we have kids!" Lord help us if we end up having a daughter first. A daughter that loves pink, and hates planes. We'd probably disown her. I'm kidding. Kind of.  
Anyways, I digress, as usual.  This round of shopping we left with an airplane piggy bank, an airplane step stool, and cupcake liners that had nothing to do with airplanes. We went for lunch at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant because I'd been craving Pho all week. No, I'm not craving things because I'm pregnant, which is something that I feel I need to clarify often since getting married. Next up was a long overdue haircut. I'm so tempted to chop it all off now that the wedding is over, but I know that I'd regret it a week later. All prettied up, we headed back to Ryan's place. I still call it that, despite the fact that "his place" is our house, in Edmonton. People began arriving and we enjoyed food-filled birthday festivities. Oh cake, how I love thee. 
We'd normally stay until Sunday, but our early morning plans meant returning to Edmonton a night early, with a slight detour to say hi to my Grandma in Ponoka. We got back, went to sleep, and morning came way too soon afterwards. 
It was an early one for us, as we got ready to do the MS Walk with our friends!  Waking up at 6 am on a Sunday was a challenge, but we did it and managed to have a fun morning as we walked for a great cause! Unsatisfied with the free lunch provided, we made a collective decision that ice cream was necessary. Very necessary. Shoving aside all guilt (my diet has been ridiculously disgraceful as of late) I chowed down on my birthday cake ice cream with Smarties. Life was good.  
It was a bit of an unspoken agreement that Ryan and I would return to our healthy habits come Monday, so we did what had to be done... headed to our favourite restaurant and enjoyed a small feast. We were full, but happy... until we got home. We'd both been gaining weight since returning from our trip, although Ryan didn't realize the full extent of our binging, as he'd avoided stepping on the scale and devoured everything edible for weeks. He finally accepted his fate, stepped on the scale, and let's just say... we're off the junk food again.  Feel free to remove it from our home. I don't have the heart to throw candy in the garbage. 
And just like that, the weekend was over. They always go by way too fast! Monday rolled around and it was back to work.  Back to the 9-5 grind that I swore I'd never do again. 
Without my weekend fun, I'm not too sure how I'd get by!  Yes, I've got a great life with an amazing husband, but when I get this bored I get clingy and want him by my side all of the time... and quite frankly, he'd rather hang out in the garage and work on his car. I can't say that I blame him, I just wish that I could find hobbies to love like he does! 
Dear Sky: If you want me back, I'm so ready to be all yours again. Who am I kidding, I've been ready for months.  


Andraea said...

Still having security clearance issues? :( Ugh. I hope everything gets sorted out ASAP, you seem so restless when you're stuck on the ground.

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