our wedding: the canadian edition

May 22, 2012

Ryan and I were engaged for a year and a half... a pretty reasonable length of time, if you ask me. 
Especially considering that for the first 6 months of our engagement, we lived on opposite sides of this great big planet.  Despite this, by the time the wedding rolled around, our friends and family collectively agreed that it was "about time". 
All of the stress and organization that go into planning a wedding often seem crazy when you consider that when all is said and done, it's only one day.  After a year and a half of planning, it would be all over after that day.  That didn't sit well with me... so we did what any wedding-obsessed couple (and by couple, I mean myself) would do.... we had another wedding. 
Okay, so it wasn't really a wedding. It was more a gathering of friends and family... intended for those who hadn't been able to make it to our real wedding in Mexico. I did wear a white dress, we did have a cake, and my personal highlight of the day... our colour-coordinated candy buffet. Creating one of these was the sole reason that I considering opting out of a destination wedding, so to be able to have both made me the happiest girl in the world... and not just because of the sugar high.

We also treated our guests to Jone's Soda... taking those from our generation back to junior high and spending our allowances on the fizzy deliciousness.  

Ryan's mom (who is as talented as Martha Stewart minus the going to jail part) baked us adorable cookies and an incredible chocolate cake. Mass consumption of candy meant that nobody was actually hungry enough to cut into it, so we set it aside... next month we'll toss the "R" and eat it for my birthday.  

My husband donned his wedding attire one more time, although this occasion wasn't quite worthy of shaving his face.  

There was no way that I was wearing my dress (that is still filled with sand) around the house the entire day, so instead I hung it outside to blow in the wind for everyone to see and put on something a bit more comfy. 

Loads of our family and friends showed up.... people that I hadn't seen in months! We felt so lucky to have such fabulous people in our lives. 

The afternoon was full of all sorts of great things... eating, viewing our professional wedding photos for the first time, jumping on the trampoline and blowing bubbles... because marriage doesn't mean that we are completely grown up. 

And now? Now it's officially over. All of the madness that is planning and having a wedding.  While I'm at a bit of a loss with what to do with the time previously dedicated to D.I.Y. projects and scouring wedding blogs, I'm content with the main event being out of the way. Now it's time to be married, which is a pretty big adventure in itself.  


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