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Jul 20, 2012

Summer loving, had me a blast...
No, really. I love everything about this season.  Iced coffee (can you tell that this is an early morning post?), warm nights, and being free from the claustrophobia of 500 layers of clothing.  I can't stand being bundled up.  Throwing on a dress and heading out the door? Perfection.   I love that this summer, I'm in Canada.  Summer's in Dubai are unbearably hot, and with Ramadan having just begun I'm even more thankful to be home.  I understand how important the holiday is to those that celebrate, but for the rest of us, going a month without eating or even drinking water in public is not a whole lot of fun.  I recall standing outside in the 500 degree heat (okay, I exaggerate... but not by much) waiting for the sun to set. Sunset meant breaking the fast, and although I could eat all day long in the comfort of my home, I was typically out and about... because let's face it, I couldn't (and still can't) cook my own meals.  My time in Dubai has made me appreciate going for ice cream in the middle of summer and eating wherever I choose to do so. It's also given me a great deal of respect for the Muslim people in Canada who are fasting despite everyone around them eating.  I applaud the willpower that must involve. 
Carrying on with my list of summer loves... Camping. Perhaps the number one spot on my list of favourite things. I love going to the mountains and having no phone service, thus being forced to interact with my husband the entire time. I love the smell of fresh air, the crisp coolness, cooking over a campfire, and feasting on smores. I love the thrill that comes with the fact we share the area with big scary bears.  I especially love that I am going camping... today! And on that note, it's time to actually get off my bum, stop procrastinating via this blog, and get packing! 
Happy weekend my wonderful followers!  


Jill said...

Enjoy camping and have a smore for me!!!

Anonymous said...

enjoy! Are you still not able to fly, whats up with that?!

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