Adventures in Ikea

Aug 17, 2009

I love Ikea. The odd shaped, brightly colored items have taken quite a toll on my bank account balance in the 5 years since I first moved out on my own. In typical moving to a new house fashion, I once again made the hour and a half journey headed to the giant blue and yellow store to stock up on all sorts of amazing things to decorate my pretty new residence. After dining on $1.99 pasta, Kimmy and I set out on a mission to find the perfect bookshelves. One very important thing that we hadn't considered: I drive a tiny Neon. We headed out of the store thrilled with our purchases. After jamming one shelf into my car, we stared at the other, much larger shelf on the cart. We both knew that it wouldn't fit. The box was nearly the entire length of the vehicle. However, not willing to trust our instincts, we attempted to make it fit. Picture this: 2 petite girls trying to lift a heavy box into a tiny car. People in the parking lot laughed as we struggled. Finally, I convinced a heartbroken Kimmy that we'd have to leave the shelf behind. We headed to the returns counter, embarrassed when they asked the reason for our return. I was exhausted and ready to head home. Kimmy, however, wasn't willing to give up the fight. She insisted on purchasing another, slightly smaller bookcase, despite my concern that it too would be far too large for my car. Once again, we headed to my car and once again, made a fool of ourselves. There was absolutely no way it was going to fit. By this point, it had started to rain, and we were standing in the Ikea parking lot, soaking wet with a box that weighed nearly as much as one of us. I tried to comfort Kimmy, who was clearly upset about the situation. I mean, not that we have a television, but where will we put our DVD's?? We returned to the returns line, and as luck would have it, we ended up being helped by the very same employee. Disappointed, we left the store and headed home.
Fortunately, we'd still managed to fit my much smaller shelf into the trunk of my car. Once we'd got home, we struggled to carry it into the house, where I proceeded to build my beautiful new shelf. A few days earlier, I'd struggled to put together an Ikea desk, vowing never to buy furniture from there again.... but after setting my eyes on the shelf, I couldn't resist. So there I was on the floor assembling, once again following the wordless directions provided. It seemed to be going very smoothly for an Ikea item. I was almost finished with my project, only piece left to add. Of course, that piece refused to cooperate. Annoyed, I left it the way it was. It looks like it's finished, just a bit unstable, perhaps.
I think I'm going to take a break from Ikea, for awhile.


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