Things That Make Me Smile

Aug 8, 2009

Sitting at home alone on a Saturday night, I often get a little lonely. Sure, it was my choice to opt out of the party and bar scene. I could be out having a drunken good time, but that's really not my choice of activities now that I've matured from the 18 year old party girl that I once was. It was another one of those lame Saturday nights, wondering why nobody was returning my text messages, ready to convince myself that nobody loves me, when Ryan sent me a text message reading "I wish you were in my arms". Aww! It's funny how a few simple words can turn your mood around so fast. Suddenly I was all smiles.
Sorry to disgust you with my giddy girly happiness. I understand your irritation, I used to hate people like me too.
I've never been like this before, and I think that I'm more than entitled to my share of happy relationship chatter.


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