Always on the Move

Aug 8, 2009

In the course of my life, I've lived in more houses than I can count. I'm not exaggerating by much... it's been well over 30. Born to a teenage mom, we moved at least twice a year... as many young adults do. By the time I was 11, I'd already attended 5 different schools. When my brothers were born, we were forced to upsize, packing our boxes a few more times. We tried out the country lifestyle, which led to moving closer to the city. Still in the country, we moved to a small town, only to relocate to the city later that year. Finally, my parents decided to build a home that we'd stay in for years to come. While waiting for it's completion, we moved to a temporary home. When the house was completed, we moved in, happy to be finished with our nomadic lifestyle. Later that year, my parents got a divorce, forcing us to move, yet again. 3 houses later, we settled in a place that I called home for an entire 2 years before heading off to college. In the year that I lived in my dorm, my mother obtained her real estate license. Selling homes opened her eyes to all of the houses available, and she moved, again. I came home from college and lived with my her before finding my own place. I stayed there, quite content for nearly 2 years. Then there was Australia. I can't even count how many places I must have called home while I was a backpacker. I lived in hostels, share houses, staff accomodations, and with family members. When I finally returned to Canada, I moved back in with my family, where I've been since. Next weekend, I get the keys to my new house!

Lost count yet? I sure did, about 15 years ago!

This blog is serving to distract me from packing up my room.


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