Life is What You Make It

Aug 13, 2009

Call me crazy. I won't disagree.
As I cram my brain with all things insurance, it has once again dawned on me that I'm a hypocrite. I'm that girl that constantly encourages people to do what makes them happy. Chase your dreams, don't settle for less than you are capable of. Perhaps I should practice what I preach.
Don't get me wrong, my job is a great opportunity. The potential for advancement is great, the salary is the best I've ever made, and all in all, it's a great company. This is an amazing opportunity, for somebody else. Signing the employment agreement felt like entering a marriage with somebody I wasn't in love with. While I'm sure the beginning of my career will be alright, I know that eventually the resentment and desire to be truly happy will end in a devastating divorce.
The problem is, I know what I'm truly passionate about in life, and it's not insurance. In my opinion, a career in the travel and aviation industry is my "calling". It doesn't even matter if I'm the one going on vacation. Last night, as Ryan sat awaiting departure on a plane bound for Victoria, I texted him the inflight announcements that I know off by heart. I felt the same excitement I feel when it's me boarding that beautiful Boeing, despite being at home with no travel plans in the near future. I've answered countless emails in response to my travel blogs, and written pages of travel tips. With that said, today I've submitted job applications to numerous travel agencies and I'm keeping a steady watch on airlines for signs of hiring resuming. All between studying for my insurance exam.

(I took this photo in Port Denarau, Fiji. Combined with my newly discovered love for photography, I think a travel career could be amazingly amazing.)

UPDATE: Within an hour of submitting my application, I've been contacted and have a telephone interview with a travel agency in town.


Clint said...

You just became more interesting. Worrying about a big exam, then you do this? Good move I'd say!

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